Ymir Report #29 β€” Ymir-configured image CDN in early access

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Heya friend!

Carl here. You signed up to receive updates about Ymir, the WordPress serverless DevOps platform that I’m building.


Work continues on the image CDN feature. It's now in early access. (Ask me about it if you want to start using it!) There's still work left to do. I'll discuss it in the product section.

I'm still slacking on marketing. I'm hoping this is the last report I'll say this 🀞. I plan on doing write up(s) on the image CDN, how it works, and how you can build your own with CloudFront.


You can always view the history of Ymir's product development at https://ymirapp.com/changelog.

Like I said, I've done a soft launch of the image CDN feature. You can see some traces of it already in the application.

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March 30th 2022

Right now, it only handles image optimization and webp conversion. The rest of the features (such as dynamic resizing) need me to do work on the Ymir WordPress plugin. I started working on it and I hope to wrap it up this week.

Once that's wrapped up, I plan on probably working on the dashboard. I get support emails about it pretty regularly because it's an unfinished state. (Always be embarrassed about your first version, right!? πŸ˜…)


No marketing at all this cycle except applying to conferences. I do see conferences as a good marketing channel, but it's definitely not as good as writing an article. Gotta keep building up Ymir's SEO!


You can always view Ymir's up-to-date business metrics at ymirapp.com/open. They're updated every 10 minutes.

March ended with a net +1 customer. So not bad, but it'd be nice if this was a +2 or +3. I don't feel there's much momentum to the business yet. But it’s possible this is going to always be a super niche product with slow growth like this.

April will be an interesting month. I have some cancellations from March and some active trials. Not sure where it'll end up. Right now, I'm up one customer.

I'm also inching closer to that $1,000 MRR milestone. (Three customers to go!) This would technically allow Ymir to pay my rent. In practice, it probably won't change anything.

I haven't paid myself anything with the money Ymir made yet. I haven't really thought about when I'd want to start paying myself. For now, my consulting gigs pay me more than enough. So maybe the better option is to reinvest it into the business somehow.


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