Ymir Report #2 — First cycle

publishedabout 2 years ago
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Heya friend!

Carl here. You signed up to receive updates about Ymir, the WordPress serverless DevOps platform that I’m building.


I managed to do one cycle of coding and marketing. Didn't accomplish as much as I'd like, but I think it might end up being a good system until further notice.


I started working on the DynamoDB object cache. WordPress threw a lot of wrenches into the development process. I think I'm close to done on the plugin side. I'd like to get it done for the next cycle, but we shall see.

I'm not sure what the context switching cost is with working on longer features one week out of two. We'll see next week! I'm hoping it's not too bad.


I had a few marketing goals for this week. I wanted to set up a blog, a changelog and some other stuff. I spent a lot of monday on the blog, trying themes and seeing if I could make it look nice. Was frustrating and didn't really get anywhere.

I switched to just writing content. The first blog post I wanted to write was a cost analysis of hosting carlalexander.ca. It's been on AWS for 3 months so I had quite a bit of data. In classic Carl fashion, the whole thing balooned to this 3000 word article.

How much does hosting carlalexander.ca with AWS Lambda cost? >>

Please forgive the whole look of the blog. I just slapped a quick site with the Twenty Twenty One. Heading fonts are huge. I'll try to polish it up a bit next cycle.


You can always view Ymir's up-to-date business metrics at ymirapp.com/open. They're updated every 10 minutes.

I have a 4th customers! I'm still shocked a week later to be honest. I'm kinda waiting for the inevitable cancellation.

People are using the product and deploying with it. (It's not just me anymore!) I think there's been around 60 deployments since the last update. So that's actually super encouraging.

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