Ymir Report #12 — Time off

publishedalmost 2 years ago
1 min read

Heya friend!

Carl here. You signed up to receive updates about Ymir, the WordPress serverless DevOps platform that I’m building.

This is going to be a quick report! I mentioned I might need some time off, but it was hard for me to disconnect.

Well, I managed to disconnect this last week because I had to bring in my laptop to get repaired. I was 4 days without it.

During that time, I didn't really work and didn't feel guilty about it. So I ran with it and took the whole marketing week off. (Except to write this email lol)

I'm going to try to take this whole coming week off too. So I'd start back with marketing week and I'll write about the cool feature I finished up this cycle.

Talk to you then :)

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